Ps-10: Assessing Various Antigen Panels to Enumerate Circulating Angiogenic Cells (Pages: 29-0)

Attar A *,


Objective: Neovascularization is a process recently proven to be seen in adults and probably is mediated by endothelial progenitor cells (EPCs). “Circulating angiogenic cells (CACs)” as a subtype of EPCs are defined as CD34+CD133+CD309+CD45+ cells. Many studies have been performed to analysis the correlation of EPC subtypes with different cardiovascular diseases. We aimed this study to find whether there is any correlated antigen panel to enumerate these cells or not? Materials and Methods: The absolute number of CACs was measured in the peripheral blood of 54 volunteers using quantitative flowcytometry using CD34- FITC, CD133-PE, CD309-APC and CD45-PerCP. Ten parameters including various combinations of cell surface antigen panels were assessed. The correlations between parameters were evaluated by spearman correlation study. Results: There is a very strong correlation between CD34 + CD133 + CD309 + CD45 + and CD34 + CD133 + CD309 + numbers (correlation coefficient = 0.998 and p <0.001). Number of CACs had strong correlation with the number of CD133+ cells and CD133 + CD309 + cells. Conclusion: Here we have shown that a three color analysis of CACs is absolutely performable and a two color study is also possible but needs further studies. This may help making the researches easier and also helping reducing the costs.