Ps-80: Glucocorticoid and Estradiol Treatments Reprogram Bone Marrow Stem Cell Maturation

Pourrajab F *, Forouzannia SK , Zareh F , Asadisaghandic AA , Deghanmanshadi M , Tajik Kord M ,


Objective: A novel mechanism for the cardioprotection may include bio-signal combination actions. There are gender differences in anti-inflammatory properties and bone marrow stem cells (BMSC) ability to heal injured tissues. Glucocorticoids are suggested to suppress induced apoptosis in vitro by reducing cell death signals. Materials and Methods: Herein, we aimed investigating growth and differentiation properties of patientisolated BMSCs. Cultured MNCs were treated with small lipophilic compounds for 72 hours and 7 days, respectively. Beside differentiation capacities, BMSC morphology, proliferation, the induced expression of surface markers was assayed. Results: The estrogen was found to induce cell proliferation and significantly the expression of CD133 marker. In synergism, compounds induced both, the expression of CD133 and CD71 markers, while increasing myogenic and decreasing osteogenic capacity was observed. The estrogen function was more prevalence with LPS/TLR2 stimulation. Conclusion: The bio-signals are able to delay BMSCs maturation by reprogramming gene expression, while provoking the cells toward distinct differentiation.