Ps-96: The Effect of Substance P on Very Late Antigen -5 (VLA-5) Expression in Cord Blood CD34+Cells

Shahrokhi S *, Alimoghaddam K , Ebtekar M ,


Objective: To facilitate the homing process of cord blood (CB) stem cell, the overexpression of cell adhesion molecules -esp. those involved in migration process- could be helpful. Factors such as microenvironment and released mediators regulate this process. Additionally, according to existing documents concerning the presence of substance P (SP) receptor on CB CD34+cells, we aimed to explore effects of SP on very late antigen (VLA)- 5 expression on CB CD34+ cells. Materials and Methods: CD34+cells derived from CB, were cultured in Stemspan culture and were treated with various concentrations of SP in combination with cytokine cocktail of SCF, FL, TPO, IL3 and IL6. Control groups were treated with cytokine cocktail. VLA5 expression was checked by flowcytometry. Results: Our results show significant raise in percentage of SP treated cells at 10-11 M following 7 days cultivation as compared to control group. Additionally median flowcytometric intensity of VLA5 at corresponding culture period and SP concentrations were significantly increased compare to freshly purified CD34+cells at day 0. Conclusion: Our data suggest that using SP neuropeptide help to maintain or increased VLA5 on CB stem cells and this would be beneficial in homing process of cells during transplantation.