Ps-100: Progression of In Vitro Meiosis and Development of Ovarian Germ Cells in Chicken Embryos (Pages: 68-0)

Yousefi Taemeh S *, Mahdavi Shahri N , Bahrami AR , Lari R , Dehghani H ,


Objective: Understanding the mechanisms that lead to the differentiation of spermatogonial and oogonial stem cells into sperm and oocyte through meiosis has been a fundamental quest for many years. In spite of recent progress in understanding the onset of meiosis in mammalian germ cells, our knowledge on the mechanisms involved in meiosis of chicken germ cells is much more limited. The first step to study the mechanisms involved in meiosis is to culture and development maintain the gonads in vitro, where factors which might influence the onset of meiosis could be studied in isolation. In this study, the ovaries of the stage 36 chicken embryo were explanted under various conditions, and progression of meiosis was evaluated after 6 days of in vitro culture by histological, immunohistochemical and gene expression methods. Materials and Methods: Ovaries were dissected from embryos with or without mesonephous at day 10.5 of incubation (5 days before onset of meiosis) and were cultured in different media with or without the use of agar slabs. After 6 days the ovaries were fixed, stained and subjected to immunohistochemical and RT-qPCR analyses. Results: Our results show that the presence of mesonephros and agar slabs is critical for in vitro culture of chicken ovaries. Experiments using immunohistochemistry and gene expression analysis confirmed the development of meiosis. Conclusion: In this study, we have developed an in vitro culture system and related histological and molecular analyses for chicken embryonic ovaries and germ cell development.