I-7: Keratinocytes Releasable Factors Function as Anti-Fibrogenic Factors in vitro and in vivo (Pages: 10-11)

Ghahary A *, Kilani RT , Ghaffari A , Carr M , Chavez Mounzo C ,


Although, the promotion of healing in patients with non-healing wounds is desirable, over healing processes such as post-burn hypertrophic scarring (HSc) and keloid are both disfiguring and debilitating. Thus, an essential component of wound healing is its timely cessation. Without it, there can be a build up of excess and often a deleterious fibrotic condition. Termination of wound healing, therefore, requires a fine balance between some key matrix proteins such as collagen deposition and its hydrolysis. As such, like any other dynamic biological process, there must be a set of factors that gradually slow down and/or terminate the dynamic healing process at the late stage of wound healing. However, the nature of these factors is not known. There are at least two sets of keratinocyte releasable factors that modulate the expression of key ECM such as collagen and MMPs in fibroblasts.