O-8: Combining Gene Therapy with Adenoviral Vector Encoding 4-1BB L, B7-1 and p53 in Skov3 Cell Lines (Pages: 21-22)

Hosseini A *, Amirmoezi F , Jaberipour M , Habibagahi M ,


Combination gene therapy is an important approach in cancer therapy. Conventional therapy showed significant result to cancer treatment. Previously, it was showed that co-stimulation with 4-1BB ligand (CD137L) and B7-1 (CD80) can trigger lymphocytes to kill tumor cells but some of these cells can escape from stimulated lymphocytes. Furthermore, replacement mutant p53 with wild type p53 demonstrate significant result in some solid tumors. In this study, we investigated the efficacy of combined adenoviral gene transfer of CD80, CD137L and p53 into Skov3 cell lines to prevent cancer progression and in vitro elimination cancer cells.