O-21: Cancer Suicide Gene Therapy Using Oct-4 Promoter-Driven TK (Pages: 27-28)

Sadeghizadeh M , Mowla SJ , Najafi R *, Ghiasvand S ,


Gene therapy is emerging as a realistic treatment for various forms of cancer. In an attempt to develop safer and more effective gene therapy approaches, researchers are increasingly using tumorspecific promoters (TSP) to drive the expression of the gene of interest. interest. The POU homeobox gene family transcription factor Oct-3/4 (also known as POU5F1) acts as a key regulator of pluripotency in early stages of mammalian development. In normal circumstances, Oct-3/4 is specifically expressed in both murine and human ES and germ cells, but not in cells from differentiated tissues. It is possible that aberrant expression of Oct-3/4 may contribute to the neoplastic process and play a role in cancer stem cell theory. The overexpression of Oct-4 and the upregulation of it’s promoter activity in a variety of tumors makes it an ideal candidate for tumor-targeted gene therapy. HSVTK gene has been used as the pioneering application in cancer gene therapy which can induce apoptosis in tumor cells transfected with HSV-TK gene,while remain non-toxic in tumor cells without HSV-TK gene