O-33: Effect of Pomegranate Juice and Seeds Oil on Serum/Glucose Deprivation Induced PC12 Cells Death (Pages: 33-34)

Forouzanfar F *, Sadeghnia HR , Afkhami-Goli A , Tayarani-Najaran Z , Boroushaki MT ,


Objective: The serum/glucose deprivation(SGD)-induced cell death in cultured rat pheochromocytoma (PC12) cell line represents a useful in vitro model for the study of brain ischemia and neurodegenerative disorders. Punica granatum has been known as a source of antioxidants. To elucidate the neuroprotective actions of pomegranate juice (PJ) and pomegranate seeds oil (PSO) in vitro, we studied the effect of PJand PSO on cultured PC12 cells under serum/glucose deprivation conditions. Materials and Methods: PC12cells were grown in DMEM medium,supplemented with 10% FCS, and 1% antibiotic, containing 10,000 units penicillin, 10 mg streptomycin,of culture medium.Cells were seeded overnight and then deprived of serum/glucose for 6 and 12 hours. In treatment groups, cells were preincubated with PJ (0-600μg/ml) and PSO (0-300μg/ml) 2 hours before and/or during SGD. Cell viability was quantitated by MTT assay. Results: Exposure of PC12 cells under SGD condition for 6 and 12 hours induced a significant decrease in cell viability (p<0.05).Treatment of PC12 cells with PJ (600 μg/ml) significantly inhibited SGD-induced cell death (p<0.05). No significant protective effect against SGD-induced cytitoxicity was seen following pretreatment of PC12 with PSO (0-300 μg/ml). Conclusion: The results of present study showed that PJ increased cell viability following serum/glucose deprivation in PC12 cells which suggests that pomegranate juice have the potential to be used for preventing or treating cerebral ischemic and neurodegenerative disorders.