O-42: Comparison of Two Methods Cell Spray and Injection of Epithelial Cell Suspension for the Treatment of Postburn Hypopigmentation (Pages: 37-38)

Khosravi Maharlooe M *, Ahrari I , Mohamadi A , Monabati A ,


Objective: One of the most important complications after burning is hypo pigmentation. Cell spray is cultured epithelial autograft suspension that is sprayed onto injured skin in order to provide a rapid epidermal cover and promote healing.histological analysis of wound model demonstrate that an increase in epidermal thickness, confluence, keratin cyst and blood vessels in full-thickness wound treated with cell spray method compared to those treated with control model. Wounds sprayed with cell spray method show faster and better quality of epithelisation than control wound. This study was design to compare two methods of cell spray and intra dermal injection of epidermal cell suspension for hypo pigmen tation treatment. Materials and Methods: In this study 28 people were selected and divided in 2 groups. in the 1st group after removing the hypo pigmented area the cell suspension were sprayed on the surface and then the area was dressed with amniotic membrane and gauze. In the 2nd group the cell suspension was injected trough intra dermal manner in the hypo pigmented site .The patients were fallowed and photos were taken from the area before operation and also in fallow up to evaluate the effect of the cells. The patients were revisited several times after operation. Clinical evaluation was done by the surgeon and a clinical score was between" 0" to" 4" was used to demonstrate the clinical status from poor to well pigmentation .we evaluated difference between site of operation and normal skin; on the other hand comparison was made between cells pray and intra dermal injection methods. Results: 18 patients were in cell spray and 10 patients were in cell injection groups. Continues variable were compared using independent samples t test for normally distributed data and Mann-whiteney U test for non-normally distributed data. Then, comparison was performed in two respects, age and site of operation using chi-square test. Eight patients in cell spray group, and 5 patients in cell injection group were male. Mean age of cell spray group was 28.5 ± 9.9 and mean age of cell infiltration group was 29 ± 4 years. Mean change of pigmentation in two group showed that there was no statistical significant differences in pigmentation between two groups (p value = 0.52) and we could not find significant differences between two methods Conclusion: As a result we didn’t find noticeable differences cell spray and intra dermal injection methods from these data and intra dermal injection was not superior to cell spray to use of cell epithelial suspension in site of hypo pigmentation