P-5: Intraoperative Aqueous Humor Glucose Levels Measurement and Comparison with Blood Glucose Level (Pages: 41-42)

Baghrizabehi S *,


Objective: Cataract surgery in patients with no or mild retinopathy may result in minimal complications, a substantial minority of patients with diabetes and advanced retinopathy, including macular edema and a history of previous laser treatment, may require additional considerations when planning cataract surgery. Materials and Methods: Aqueous humor samples were collected from the patients who underwent uneventful cataract surgery, clear cornea phacoemulsification with intraocular pcIOL implantation , Aqueous humor samples were collected from the eyes during stub incision Aqueous humor (0.05-0.1 ml) was drawn into conventional tuberculine syringes without coming into contact with intraocular structures. Results: Blood glucose levels were higher in blood than was detected in aqueous humor Conclusion: The aqueouse humor glucose concentration closely follow the blood glucose ,both hiper and hipoglycemic states. However is the time delay between the blood and aqueous humor (AH) by an active transport mechanisem that has been designed to supply glucose to the human lens. However glucose enters in the posterior chamber (PC) next to the cilijary body and must defuse throughout the anterior chamber