P-74: Th1 and Th2 Marker Cytokine Gene Variants in Allergic Asthma (Pages: 73-73)

Daneshmandi S *, Pourfathollah AA , Pourpak Z , Heidarnejad H ,


Objective: IL-4 and IFN-γ are two major cytokine that could determine balance of Th1/Th2 ratio and some disease such as asthma. A function of these cytokines is effect on IgE production. It has reported that genetic variants of IL-4 (C-589T) and IFN-γ(A+874T) are associated with amount of it’s production and release. Materials and Methods: Population studied in this study were 81 unrelated nonsmoking asthmatic patients with clinical and laboratory charactrs of asthma were selected according to ATS characteristics. 80 normal subjects were matched as age and ethinity with patient group. DNA extraction was done and for evaluation of polymorphism of IL-4 in -589 position, PCR-RFLP method were used and for genotyping of IFN-γ +874 position, ARMS-PCR method were used. IgE serum levels were measured by IgE ELISA kit method. Results: IgE serum levels statistically didn’t have any (A+874T) and IL-4(C-589T)γ significant difference in different IFN- polymorphisms (p≥0.05) both in asthmatics and normal groups. IgE serum levels in asthmatics was higher than normals (p=0.04). Conclusion: This study indicates that there are not relationship between gene polymorphisms and IgE production. It suggest that there are other genetic or environmental factors more than IL-4 and IFN-γ polymorphism that could determine IgE level in asthma that cover the cytokine polymorphism