P-88: Evaluating Expression Pattern of KLF4 as Molecular Biomarker in Breast Cancer (Pages: 79-79)

Shiry S *, Hoseinpourfeizi MA , Babaei E , Ghanbarian M ,


Objective: krupple-like factor4 (KLF4 or GKLF/EZF) is a zinc finger-type transcription factor which involved in many fundamental biological processes including development, proliferation, differentiation, apoptosis, migration and tumor formation. Also it has a main role in renewaling and reprogramming stem cells. It is revealed that KLF4 is involved in many cancers including breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women. Due to the high incidence of breast tumors and lack of molecular markers for early diagnosis and prognosis, extensive efforts are needed to identify specific molecular markers for differentiating between non-tumoral and tumoral glands. In this study we evaluated the expression of KLF4 gene as a molecular marker in breast tumor tissues and their margins. Materials and Methods: In this case - control study we used 31 tumor samples and 21 tumor margin samples using semi-quantitative RT-PCR technique and ß2m gene as internal control for making normal results. Results: In this study we found that KLF4 in most tumor samples has an increasing expression, comparing to tissue margin. Our results suggests that this gene has an oncogenic role in our study population. Conclusion: KLF4 is a transcription factor that can act as a tumor suppressor or an oncogene, but still the conclusive result in breast cancer is lacking. Several studies demonstrated that some breast cancer cells show a reduced expression of KLF4 comparing to the normal epithelial cells. Well established that KLF4 inhibits the growth of ER-dependent cells of breast cancer. There is also another report based on reduced expression of KLF4 in normal epithelial cells of tumor margin and an increased expression in tumor cells. Our results are in line with previous reports and indicate the oncogenic role of KLF4 in breast cancer