P-103: Effect of Electron Radiation on Antibacterial Activity of Nano Based Fibers on Escherichia-Coli Culture Medium (Pages: 86-86)

Soltani HR *, Mehdizadeh A , Seyed mir MR , Nateghi MR ,


Objective: Antibacterial effects of Nano-silver has been proven for times(1-3), even other Nanosilver potential such as its application in diagnostic imaging and other therapeutic proposes, in this study nano-silver fibers have been exposed to different dosage of ray for producing more effective antibacterial textiles against Escherichia coli growth. Methods Material and methods: This lab trial study was done on ten separated E-coli culture medium. Agar plate was an elective culture medium for E-coli in this study, Also radiation was done by RHODOTRON accelerator device, Finally data were analyzed with Paired t test statistical test under SPSS ver.18 software. Results: Findings: According to laboratory results mean of E-coli in culture medium after adding Nano-silver textiles (631 ± 38.34) decreased significantly (p value: 0.000) in compared with previous condition (951 ± 42.19) also a significant relation between numbers of E-coli after 5 kGy irradiation and number of E-coli after 15 (p value: 0.048), 20 (p value: 0.025) and 30 (0.000) kGy irradiation was observed. Conclusion: Nano silver can widely be tested in different medical application because of its antibacterial activity, also more safe burn wounds and surgical coverage and tools can be manufacture by intervention of Nano silver particles.