Efficacy of Laparoscopic Treatment on 401 Patients with Infertility (Pages: 0-0)

YAO Shu zhong *, L IU Dong qing , WA N G Ning ning , HUA N G Jian zhao ,


Objective: To assess the efficacy of laparoscopic treatment on women with infertility. Methods: Retrospective analysis of 401 women with infertility underwent laparoscopic operation according to the laparoscopic findings. Results: The cumulative pregnancy rates were 50.0 % in the endometriosis group 32.9 % in the tube obstruction group 52.8 % in the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) group 36.0 % in the uterine myoma group and 42.0 % in the pelvic adhesion group respectively. 9310 %of women became pregnant within 18 months after operation. Conclusion: Laparoscopy is a simple timely and effective method for the treatment of female infertility If the patient remains infertile in 12 ~ 18 months after operation it is suggested that the patient should be treated with other assisted reproductive techniques.