Factors Influence the Fertility Ability after Myometomy (Pages: 0-0)

Yao shu zhong *,


Objectives: Uterine fibroids are one of the most common seen benign tumors of the uterus. The appearance of uterine fibroids has been linked to infertility in different degrees according to different locations numbers sizes and types. Considering surgery is the main treatment of uterine fibroids the complications of surgery should be take into account. Postoperative adhesion formation which may influence postoperative fertility. There is still no sufficient evident about myomectomy’s positive role in treating myomas. we analyze the different types locations numbers sizes and many other factors related to myomectomy of fibroids’ different impact on postoperative fertility of patients with infertile complaints before surgery to find out myomectomy’s role in treating infertility. Materials and Methods: 78 patients enrolled in the study including 15 among them who were diagnosed as infertile Patients were follow-up for 2 years postoperatively. Datas of almost every aspect associated with uterine fibroids and myomectomy were collected and analyzed Results: With the use of multivariable logistic regression analyze age has a P valueof 0.02 with the OR value of 0.7 and the 95%CI (0.6 1.0). This is the only independent factor which may influence the postoperative pregnancy rate in a negative way. Other factors such as the presentation of infertility history the location size number entering the uterine cavity or not types of the myoma and the surgery all have a P value of above 0.005 and the difference they have upon the postoperative pregnancy rate are not sinigficant. Conclusions: To those who have uterine myomas myomectomy may be an option for treatment because postoperative pregnancy rate seems to increase significantly. Infertility may take place after the surgery for postoperative pelvic adhesion or potential factors that might cause problems on getting pregnant. For patients of whom uterine myomas seem to be the only problem if have complaint of spontaneous abortion problem may be solved after myomectomy. Age is the only independent factors that could influence fertility after surgery. The older the patient is the harder can she get pregnant postoperatively. So early surgical treatment is recommended once myomas are found in the women in reproductive age. Myomas located in the anterior or posterior part of the uterine body have the similar impact on the postoperative pregnancy rate. Location size number entering the uterine cavity or not types of the myoma and the surgery do not affect the postoperative pregnancy rate.