Effect of Fibroblastic Growth Factor on Resumption of Meiosis In Vitro Maturation and Embryo Development of Immature Mouse Oocytes (Pages: 0-0)

Azarnia M *, Ghasemian F , Bahadori MH , Nasiri E , Ghasemi F ,


Objective: The purpose of this study was to evaluated the effect of fibroblastic growth factor on resumption of meiosis in vitro maturation of immature mouse oocytes and resulting embryo development with and without FGF Materials and Methods: Cumulus – oocyte complex (COCs) and germinal vasicle (GV) were obtained from female NMRI mice 46-48 hours after administration of an i.p. injection of 5 IU PMSG. COCs were released from larg antral follicles and culture for 18 hours in humidified atmosphere with 5% CO2 at 37C° in TCM199 supplemented with 0102050 and 100ng/ml FGF. After in vitro maturation (IVM) metaphase ІІ(MІІ)oocytes were co-incubated with sperms for 4 hours in T6 medium. For all groups 2PN embryos were cultured in the same medium and cleaved embryos was assessed after 48 hours. Results: FGF increased the proportion of in vitro growing (IVG) oocytes reached metaphase ІІ in all compared rate recorded in the 20 ng/ml FGF treatment groups (42.8%) was significantly higher (p