Relationship of Sperm Morphological Abnormalities with Levels of Reactive Oxygen Species in Semen Specimens (Pages: 0-0)

Nasr Esfahani M *, Ghasemzade J , Razavi Sh ,


Objective: we compared ROS levels in seminal plasma of infertile men with this level in healthy donors. We also determined the ROS level association with percentages of different sperm morphological abnormalities the sperm deformity index and the teratozoospermic index scores. Materials and Methods: In total 30 infertile patients and 25 healthy donors as control were selected. Sperm analysis was done for all patients. Azoospermic patients were excluded from the study. ROS level in semen were measured by a chemiluminescence assay in both group. Thin smears af well-mixed semen were stained with papanicolaou to assess morphological abnormalities. Results: The mean ROS level in normal men was 166.10 RLU (Relative Light Unit) while this was 1630.50 RLU in infertile patient which is significantly higher in case group (p = 0.000). A significant positive correlation was observed between sperm ROS production and the proportion of sperm with abnormal morphology. ROS production was positively correlated with the proportion of sperm with amorphous head midpiece defects cytoplasmic <font>drop</font>lets tail defect pinhead sperms SDI scores and TZI scores (p