Men’s Lived Experince of Male Infertility (Pages: 0-0)

Hoseini S *, Fahami F , Ehsanpour S , Zargham A ,


Objective: The ability to reproduce and give birth to a child is an inherent part of life for most human beings. To see the next generation grow up is described as happiness and a driving force in life; thus infertility causes sever anxiety for infertile persons. Approximately 15% of all couples in the reproductive ages are involuntarily childless and infertility is the third cause of divorce in Iran. The purpose of this study was to explore men’s experience of male infertility Materials and Methods: Deh1ive phenomenological method was used to determine these experiences. The data was collected by deep interviewing with 10 interfile men Results: In related with infertility phenomenon we obtained four general concepts: 1. Personal anxiety. 2. Challenge with communications. 3. Effects of believes and religion. 4. Problems associated with treatment process Conclusion: According to our emerged result in this study it seems that all aspects of infertile men’s life are affected by infertility. Thus designing and accomplishment of consultive and supportive programs play very important roles for giving better cares to infertile men.