Related Factors of Sexual and Marital Satisfaction in 45-65 Years Old Women South of Tehran (Pages: 0-0)

Taavoni S *, Haghani H , Peiravi H , Azadi M ,


Objective: To determine the relationship between sexual satisfaction its changes and marital satisfaction according to personal characteristics in 45-65 years old women in south of Tehran Materials and Methods: This is a Cross sectional study that was done in 2006-2007. The valid and reliable (test re test) questioner was used. The questioner had two main parts: 1) Personal characteristics (age couples’ age difference education level job No. of children and No. of children who lives with their parents…) 2) Sexual satisfaction its change and marital satisfaction. (Visual scale was used) The samples used in this study consisted of 161 volunteer healthy women with healthy couples who were chosen from the public centres of low socioeconomic district in south of Tehran. We exclude the women with University degree. Deh1ive and interferential statistical method (ANOVA Scheffe Pearson correlation) were used. The final data were analysed and tabulated in 32 tables. Results: Referring to personal characteristics we found remarkable points. The highest average of marital satisfaction was in 60-65 sexual satisfaction was in 45-49 and sexual satisfaction change (decrease) was in 55-60 age groups. There was only difference between marital satisfactions according to average of age group. (ANOVA p= 0.03) By using Scheffe test we found this difference between 45-49 and 50-54 years age group. Also we found correlation between marital satisfaction and sexual satisfaction (pearson correlation r= +0.728) and between sexual satisfaction and its change. (r= - 0.215) Conclusion: According to personal characteristics we only found difference between age groups. We found during early years of post menopause there was more marital and sexual unsatisfied group which may be because of not still coping with the menopause situation. We suggest having more education and consultation program for this group. Also we suggest having the same study with the same goals on other socio economical group and men too for comprising the results.