Comparison of Mild Stimulation Protocol and Conventional Protocol in IVF Outcome (Pages: 0-0)

Mohammad Ali Karimzadeh *, Shahnaz Ahmadi , Homa Oskouian ,


Objective: To compare the efficacy of using mild ovarian stimulation protocol and conventional stimulation protocol in IVF outcome. Materials and Methods: We randomized 200 women with regularly menstruation who were candidate for IVF. They had undergone stimulation with clomiphene citrate gonadotropin and GnRH antagonist or gonadotropin and GnRH agonist. Results: There were no significant difference in mean age cause of infertility basal FSH BMI endometrial thickness on the HCG administration and clinical pregnancy rate in two groups. The number of recovered oocytes embryos obtained embryos transferred peak estradiol on the HCG administration and OHSS were significantly higher in agonist group. Significantly more patients in agonist group had embryo cryopreserved Conclusion: The CC/ gonadotropin/ GnRH antagonist is an acceptable alternative protocol for IVF in patients with regularly menstruation.