A Study of the Contraceptive Activity of a New Derivative of Nifedipine in Male Adult Rats (Pages: 0-0)

Hassanein P *, Bahmanzadeh M ,


Objective: 14Dihydro 26Dimethyl 4(4.Nitrophenyl) 35Pyridinedicarboxylic acid Dimethyl ester (DDNPD) is a new analogous of Nifedipine that has no effect on calcium channels of cardiovascular system. Because Nifedipine can reduce fertility in males (through effect on calcium channels on sperm membrane and inhibition of acrosomal reaction) this study was done to evaluate the effect of DDNPD on reproductive system physiology and fertility in male rats. Materials and Methods: In this research DDNPD was injected 10mg/kg twice a day subcutaneously to the test group of adult male rats for 50 days. Control group treated with propylene glycol 1 mg/kg twice a day in the same way. Results: In the assessment of some fertility indices we saw a significant decrease in motility and viability rate of sperm (p