Survey the Frequency of Varicoceles in Men that are Referred to the Fatemeh Zahra Infertility Center in 1387 (Pages: 0-0)

Firoozpour M *, Esmaeilzadeh S , Yosofnia Pasha Y.R , Asefnejad F ,


Objective: survey the Varicoceles's rate and intensity in patients who are referred To the Fatemeh Zahra(s) Infertility center. Materials and Methods: In this field of deh1ive study the 713 file's information of infertile couple that referred to the Fatemeh Zahra(s) infertility center in 1387 are surveyed. The information which related to fertility's action is registered. The medical examination of Varicoceles were done by urologist with physical medical examination way and at least results were surveyed by chi-square test Results: The frequencies of the first and second infertility were in order 73/5% and 26/5%.The average of men's age in group with first infertility 9/72 years. ± 6/18 years and in group whit second infertility 34/69 ± 30/2 Varicoceles frequencies was totally 34% and in men with the first and second infertility were ordered 35%and 32% that didn't show meaningful difference. The most frequency of Varicoceles intensity grade II by 57% and left Varicoceles by 67%. The most percent of Varicoceles is in under 40-year-old group with 34%. Conclusion: with surveying the frequency of Varicoceles in this center. We can understand the rage of infertility patients in area .and evaluate according to age kind of infertility and intensity of it to provide next detective and curative couple's programs even to prevent before of the marriage.