Evaluation of Androgenic Activity of Allium Cepa on Spermatogenesis in Rat (Pages: 0-0)

Khaki A *, Fathiazad F , Nouri M , Hamadeh M , Khaki A.A , Ghafari-Novin M ,


Objective: Allium cepa (onion) has a good effect on diseases treatment worldwide and have been used since ancient times as a medicinal and food origin. Recently several reports have shown that onion has high antioxidant activity. As antioxidants have essential effect on sperm health parameters we investigated the effect of onion bulbs fresh juice in Spermatogenesis cycle in rats. Materials and Methods: Wistar male rat (n=30) were allocated into three groups control (n=10) and two test groups (each of ten). Animals in test groups were subdivided into groups of 2 that received fresh onion juice equivalent to 0.5&1g/Rat/day fresh onion. Fresh onion juice was administered with gavages for 20 consecutive days. Animals were kept in standard condition. On twentieth day the testes of rats in the all groups were removed and sperm was collected from epididymis and was prepared for analysis. Results: Serum total testosterone significantly increased in whole test groups (p