Fertility and Spermatogenic Outcome of Varicocelectomy in Ouroperated Infertile Male Cases; A Prospective Study (Pages: 0-0)

Moslemi M.K *, Hashemeiieh S ,


Objective: This is a prospective 2 year study that we evaluated outcome of varicocelectomy from the point of semen indices improvement and fertility outcome. Materials and Methods: From the beginning of 2006 to the end of 2008 we operated 123 infertile male with varicocel .21 cases were excluded from the study .in the remaining 102 cases95 left varicocelectomy performed5 right varicocelectomy and 2 bilateral varicocelectomy performed.age ranges was 18 to 38 years.range of infertility was 1 -12 years.infertility duration in 60% was 2-3 yearsin 10% one year and in 30% was more than 3 years.40% has grade 1 or subclinicalvaricocel35% G 2 and 25% G 3.all of the cases operated by inguinal incisionwith naked eye. Results: In general 25% of cases conceived normal pregnancy.semen analysis indices improved in 68% of cases.no improvement in S/A is noted in28%and we had severity in indices of 7%.this occurred predominantly in cases with primary testicular failure or increased FSH level.or sperm count lower than 1 million /ml. Conclusion: Varicocelectomy is a safeeasy and cheap procedure that if done by skilled urologist can lead to excellent outcomes that is highly comparable with ART methods from every point of view especially for acheving normal conception.