Contraception Methods in Iranian Traditional Medicine and Ruta Graveolens L. Effects on Human Spermatozoid (Pages: 0-0)

Naghibi Harat Z *, Ebadiani M , Sadeghipour H.R , Sadeghi M.R , Kanalinejad M , Eshraghian M.R ,


Objective: Contraception had been a matter of concept in modern medicine from the sixties when World Health Organization asked governments to make coalitions with to search and find safe and reliable contraception methods. But in Iranian Traditional Medicine (TIM) contraception had been used more than thousand years ago. The ancients know about different contraception methods both for men and women for short time or lifelong. They believed that contraception methods should be kept as a secret and it could be used only in special situation; when pregnancy was a danger for woman. Materials and Methods: Here we do a search in the most important TIM manuh1s and classified the different contraception methods as following. Besides we examined the effect of decoction boiled and different fractions of Ruta graveolens L. on human sperm characteristics in vitro. Results: According to our findings usage of this plant as a male contraceptive is unique to TIM. The results showed that their choice was a right one because coumarins of this plant in addition to its hyperosmolarity and acidic pH could immediately immobilize the spermatozoa and arrest the acrosomal reaction. Meanwhile there was no adverse effect on viability mitochondrial function or chromatin structure. Classification of contraception methods in TIM: 1- Changing intercourse position in order to diminish the semen arrival to female genitalia. 2- Rapid removement of semen from female genitalia. 3- Mechanical barriers 4- Vaginal suppositories with different materials 5- Topical application of remedies on penis called “Tela” 6- Oral contraceptive for both men and women 7- Usage of “Talyghat” Conclusion: The results showed that TIM used a wide range of methods for contraception which some were so ingenious. The experimental findings support the TIM unique idea about usage of Ruta graveolens L. as contraception and it reveals that knowing more about traditional remedies and performing more trials may let to find new ways for contraception in future.