Protective Effects of Ionic and Non-Ionic Media on the Najdi Bull Sperm During Cool Storage (Pages: 0-0)

Afrough M *, Barati F , Papahn A.A ,


Objective: Cool storage is a way to preserve sperm for short period of time in Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART). The aim of this study was to find effects of two iso-osmotic ionic (Tyrods solution) and non-ionic (Whole cow milk) in the context of two environment (25 and 5ºC) and two incubation time (15 and 60 min). Materials and Methods: The Semens collected from five Najdi bulls in the station for supporting Najdi cow cattle and transported to the lab in 37ºC light protected tubes. After primary sperm analysis the semens were equally splited into two main aliquots according to the media (Tyrods or Milk). The aliquots suspended with two equal volumes of media and the final suspension divide into two aliquots equally for incubation in 25 or 5ºC. The suspensions incubated and sperm analysis undertook after 15 and 60 minutes of incubation. Sperm viability assessed using Eosin/nigosin and its progressive motility were done with conversional procedures. In this factorial design effects of media incubation temperature and incubation time were analyzed using GLM procedure of SAS. Data expressed as Lsmeans±ESM. Results: Sperm viability decreased at 5ºC compare to 25ºC after 15 min of incubation within both media (p