Simultaneous Effects of Herbal Extracts "Crocin and Oxalate" on Both Sex for Sex-Selection (Pages: 0-0)

Bakhtiyary M *, Alipanahzadeh H , Kazmirad S ,


Objective: Sex-Selection Materials and Methods: In male rat 20 microgram/ml crocin injected Intraperitoneally and after 2 month semen analysis carried out . In female rat 20 mg/ml oxalate have injected Intraperitoneal .ovulation time determind and female rat allowed for mating after 3 weak sex determination carried out in offsprig Results: In experiment male rat spermatogenesis increased significantly . In experimental female rat cervical ph raised . we observed that 89℅of offspring were male and 11% were female Conclusion: Simultaneous use of crocin and oxalate results in increased male offspring