Effects of Two Different Diluents on the Buffalo Epididymal Sperm Cryopreservation (Pages: 0-0)

Barati F *, Khaksary Mahabadi M , Mohammadi Gh ,


Objective: Epididymal sperm (EP) have been successfully used for AI and in vitro production of embryos (IVP) to produce offspring in several of species so it is necessary to store EP varying period of times. Influences of different types and concentrations of cryoprotectants additives to freezing medium and determination of equilibration time have been investigated for EP cryopreservation. The citrate base tris based and lactose based diluents for alpaca EP freezing. AndroMed® a chemical defined medium and Triladyl™ an egg yolk based medium with an optimal equilibration time of 4 h were used successfully for cryopreservation of African buffalo (Syncerus caffer) EP. The Objectives of this study was to compare the influences of two basic semen extenders on post thaw epididymal sperm (EP) viability and progressive motility. Materials and Methods: Abattoir collected buffalo testicles (n=32) were allotted to three groups for cryopreservation. Caudal epidydimis dissected and aliquots of isolated EP analyzed for sperm parameters (viability and progressive motility) and splited to equal parts for cryopreservation. The cryopreservation performed with two different cryoprotective media: whole cow milk-7%glycerol (MG) or egg yolk-tris-citrate-7%glycerol (EYG) based on two step cryopreservation procedure. Pre freeze and post thaw percentages of progressive motile and viable sperms evaluated. Data expressed as Lsmeans±SEM. Results: The percentage of unstained sperms decreased (p