Effects of Acrylamide on Membrane Integrity and Sperm Parameters in Mice (Pages: 0-0)

Kermani M *, Anvari M , Talebi A , Amini O , Miresmaili M ,


Objective: Acrylamide is a chemical reactive substance used in various industries such as polymer industry cosmetic adhesives paper and textile industries wastewater treatment and laboratory gels . Recently the discovery of acrylamide in a variety of human foods like heat-processed starchy foods such as potato chips French fries and bread was reported.Acrylamide is known as a carcinogen and cytotoxic materialso the objective of this study was to determine the effect of acrylamide on membrane integrity and sperm parameters in mice. Materials and Methods: In an experimental study thirty male NMRI mice on age 8 to 10 weeks and weight in 25-30 gr were randomly allotted into three groups that each one had 10 mice. Group I and Group II were fed on water solutions containing acrylamide 5 and 10 mg/kg/day for eight consecutive weeks while the third group on fresh water only as the control. Results: In sperm analysis the total motility like fast motility and slow motility in both Group I and II were decreased significantly (p = 0.00) but no significant change was observed in non-progressive motility (p > 0.05).Membrane integrity of the tail of sperms in both Group I and II had significant decrease (p = 0.00) but membrane integrity of the head of spermsdecreased significantly only in Group IIas in sperm count (p < 0.05).Sperm morphology was not significantly changed (p > 0.05). Conclusion: These results indicate that acrylamide by effect on membrane integrity decreased sperm viabilityalso causes abnormal sperm parameters.