The Rate of IUI Success and its Effective Factors - in QOM Branch of Royan Infertility Center A Retrospective Study (Pages: 0-0)

Moslemi MK *, Ale Mohammad Amir A , Amiri K ,


Objective: This is a retrospective study in which the rate of IUI success and its implicating factors is evaluated. Materials and Methods: We evaluated 385 consecutive infertile couples that underwent IUI in our center from 2006 to 313 couples we used concentration gradient techniqueand in 72 couples swimming up method is used.the range of infertility duration was 1 to 8 years.the age range of males was 21 to 48 years this was 17 to 36 years for females. Results: Regardless of infertility causes total success rate of IUI was 16.6% per cycle and 24.7% per patient.mean inducted cycle in pregnanted females was 1.61 cycle.rate of IUI success regarding the cause was as follows: tubal factor 36% varicocel:29.3%ejaculatory failure 27.5%cervical factor 26.6%ovulatory dysfunction 25%pelvic adhesion 25%idiopathic male subfertility 23.9%.hyper prolactinemia 22% hypothalamic amenoreha 25% and endometriosis 6.6%.success rate of concentration gradient method was 25.5% and with swimming up way it was 15.8%.mean duration of infertility in IUI positive cases was 3.43 years and this rate in IUI negative cases was 4.7 years that was statistically significant. Conclusion: IUI is a safe near natural technique of conceiving a child that if used in its specific indications has perfect success rate.