Effects of Subcutaneous Nicotine Administration on Rat Sperm Parameters (Pages: 0-0)

Sarve-Azad A *, Ezzatabadipour M , Azizollahi S , Mirkahnooj Z , Nematollahi-Mahani S.N ,


Objective: The effects of nicotine on sperm count motility and viability was evaluated in male rats and the results were compared to control. Materials and Methods: Thirty healthy Spauge-Dawley male rats (average weight 160-210 g) were randomly divided to 3 groups (n=10). Animals received a subcutaneous injection of 0.02 mg/Kg nicotine for 50 days. A group of animals received the same volume of vehicle and served as control. An intact group received no intervention and served to evaluate probable age changes in the reproductive system and to consider any stress induced by the treatments. For Sperm analysis Cauda epididymis and vas deference were placed in 5 ml α-MEM supplemented with 2% BSA and cut into several fragments to allow the spermatozoa come out from reproductive ducts. Samples were incubated for 15 min. at 37°C and the following experiments were carried out on sperm suspensions in various groups. Sperm quality was determined by three parameters; concentration motility and viability. The viability was assessed by three methods; Eosin exclusion dye test Hypo-osmotic swelling test and Propidium iodide exclusion test. Results: A reduction in sperm concentration was observed in nicotine group (p