In Vitro Developmental Competence of Bovine Embryos After Biopsy at Different Embryonic Age and Stage (Pages: 0-0)

Shirazi A *, Borjian S , Nazari H , Ahmadi E , Heidari B , Bahiraee A ,


Objective: The objective of the present study was to assess the in vitro development of bovine embryos biopsied at different days of precompacted morula stage. Materials and Methods: Slaughterhouse - derived oocytes were matured in vitro fertilized (Day 0) with frozen-thawed Percol-separated spermatozoa and cultured on oviductal cell monolayer. In vitro fertilized embryos were subjected to cell biopsy on days 2 3 and 4 post-insemination at 4 to 16-cell stages in a 100μl <font>drop</font> of Hepes-SOF + 4mg/ml BSA by aspiration (1-2 cells). Biopsied embryos cultured on oviductal cell monolayer for subsequent development. Results: Biopsy on 16-cell stage embryos (Day 4) resulted in 94% of embryos proceeding to the blastocyst stage which was higher than those which had been biopsied at Day 4 (64%; 8-cell stage p