Intrauterine Insemination with Husband Semen: An Evaluation of Pregnancy Rate and Factors Affecting Outcome (Pages: 0-0)

Zademodarres Sh *, Oladi B , Saeedi Sh , Jahed F ,


Objective: The aim was to determine pregnancy rate following intrauterine insemination (IUI) and its associated factors. Materials and Methods: A retrospective analysis of 350 IUI cycles with ovarian stimulation by clomiphene citrate and/or gonadotropins was performed. Results: The overall pregnancy rate was 22% (77/350). Of the 77 pregnancies 88.3% resulted in live birth 7.8% in spontaneous abortion 2.6% in blighted ovum and 1.3% were ectopic Conclusion: Our results indicate that clomiphene citrate and/or gonadotropins IUI is a convenient and useful treatment option in women with younger age (