The Effects of Group Cognitive - Behavior Therapy on Increas Marital Satisfaction in the Primary Infertile Women (Pages: 0-0)

Gharaei V *,


Objective: Infertility is a complex crisis in lifethat leads to psychological and emotional stress in couples.The purpose of this study was the effects of group cognitive - behavior therapy on increas marital satisfaction in the primary infertile women. Materials and Methods: : We studied 20 women with primary infertility who were undergoing IVF referring to Mashhad Treament Center.patients were randomly allocated into (10 experimental and 10 control) groups. Firstthey completed interviews and DAS questionnaires(Dyadic Adjustment Scale).Thenthe intervention was conducted in experimental groupwith one session per week for 4 months. The sessions included a therapy program comprised of modules to behaviorally optimize the chance of conceptionimprove sexual functioning and satisfactionreduce thoughts of helplessness and improve marital communication skills.Reassessment occurred after completion of the intervention.The data analyzed through independent t-test with SPSS. Results: The results revealed that there was a significant difference (α=0/01) between two groups. Findings showed that patients who received group cognitive - behavior therapy reported more marital satisfaction than the patients who didn’t received any interventions. Conclusion: The group cognitive-behavior therapy showed a reduction in thoughts of helplessness and a decrease in marital distress. By the end of therapy participants reported unchanged sexual pleasure and satisfaction during the nonfertile period of the menstrual cycle.