Evaluation of the Causes and Therapeutic Results of the Infertile Patients Undergo Laparoscopy (Pages: 0-0)

Erfanian Ahmadpoor M *, Mansoori Torshizi M ,


Objectives: Laparoscopy is one of the diagnostic and therapeutic methods in infertility. With this method, the causes of infertility (including pelvic, uterus and ovarian factors) that have not indicated in primary evaluations can be diagnosed and treated. Materials and Methods: In a cohort study on infertile female patients reffering to NOVIN clinic of gynecology and infertility , after primary clinical and paraclinical evaluations of infertility and using of medical treatment, 140 patients candidated for laparoscopy, selected and undergo the procedure. Laparoscopic results evaluated in patients with primary and secondary infertility. Then, the patients were treated according to the laparoscopic results and were followed within one year for evaluation of the fertility outcomes (pregnancy rate and miscarriage). Results: 74% of the patients had primary infertility and 26% had secondary infertility. The most common cause of primary infertility was PCOS and the most common cause of secondary infertility was tubal factor. The successful rate of pregnancy in patients with endometriosis were 58.1%, tubal factor 44.1%, PCOS 66.7%, uterus anomaly 40%, PCOS with endometriosis 71.4% and PCOS with tubal factor 22.2%. The rate of miscarriage in patients with endometriosis were 6.4% , tubal factor 8.8% , PCOS 2.5% and PCOS with tubal factor 11.1%. in patients with uterus anomaly and PCOS with endometriosis , no miscarriage were observed. Conclusion: According to the results of this study, laparoscopy is a safe method in diagnosis the uterus, pelvic and ovarian factors and can improve the fertility outcomes in the infertile patients.