Practice of Female Population Towards Breast Cancer in Shiraz City (Pages: 0-0)

Fereydouni B *, Fereydouni Sh , Naderi S ,


Objective: The study was aimed to assess the awareness about breast self examination (BSE) and coverage of breast cancer screening investigations in Iran. Materials and Methods: Study was carried out in Shiraz city, 300 adult females randomly were selected. Data was collected with questionnaire and analyzes with SPSS. Results: The average age of participants was 34 years, majority of them 92% were married .Only 36% of the females knew how to do a BSE and practiced it. The main reason for not doing BSE was lack of knowledge about it (51%).20% of participants thought that they don’t need to do BSE and 12% said that they don’t have a breast complaint so it was useless to do examination. only 15% have had abreast problem .An even less number 10% had a breast investigation(Mammography). Conclusion: Despite wide agreements over the need for early detection of breast cancer the knowledge and practice for BSE is very low.