Effect of Salvia Hypoleuca on the cAMP-Responsive Element Modulator (CREM) Expression and Spermatogenesis in Rat (Pages: 0-0)

Estakhr J *, Hatami L , Shams Lahijani M , Sanchooli N , Nikravesh A ,


Objective: Salvia species which are medicinal herbs, have been used to improve male reproductive functions in traditional medicine. They also, have been used to treat several diseases. In this study, effects of Salvia hypoleuca on male rat reproductive function, by sperm analysis and assessments of CREM expression at mRNA and protein levels, were investigated. Materials and Methods: S. hypoleuca (300 mg/kg/day) was administered to 10-week old male wistar rats for 56 consecutive days. Then sperm analysis and RT_PCR and western blotting were caried out. Results: Results indicated significant increase in the weights of the testes, epididymal sperm counts, and sperm motility compared to control group. RT-PCR and western blotting analysis showed an increase in the expression of both CREM mRNA and protein levels. Conclusion: These results suggest that S. hypoleuca induces spermatogenesis via CREM activation in rat testes and improve male fertility.