A study on the Existence of Inhibin - Subunit Gene Mutation in a Population of Iranian Women with Premature Ovarian Failure (Pages: 0-0)

Fallahian M *, Pouresmaeili F , Azizi F , Zali M.R , Samani E.N , Kharaziha P ,


Objective: Demonstration the candidate mutation as a gene variation associated with POF in Iranian population. Materials and Methods: Using DNA sequencing, DNA samples were screened from 24 women with POF and 24 controls below 40 years old for mutations in the Inhibin gene. Results: the 769G A mutation in exon 2 of the Inhibin- gene was found in four out of 24 idiopathic POF patients. Conclusion: The results obtained in this study have shown that this variation is more frequent in patients with POF than normal fertile populations of Iran.