I-66: Cell Therapy Clinical Trials at Royan Institute (Pages: 0-0)

Aghdami N* *, Taghiabadi E , Zafarghandi MR , Pournasr B , Ahmadi H , Shafian S , Nikeghbali S , Ravari H , Malek Hosseini SA , Baradaran Rafiei A , Mohamadnejad M , Malekzadeh R , Namiri M , Baharvand H ,


Adult stem and progenitor cells from various sources have been shown to augment the functional effect for treating cardiac, liver, lung and neurological diseases. Clinical trials have confirmed that autologous cell therapy using bone marrow derived or circulating blood derived progenitor cells is safe and provides beneficial effects. The Royan institute seeks discoveries and methods that will accelerate cell-based therapies and brings about a whole new field of medicine. Here I review the Institute experience in patients with acute myocardial Infarction, Liver cirrhosis, vitiligo, limbal stem cell deficiency and peripheral artery diseases. There investigations showed, Royan institute has capability of moving basic pre-clinical discoveries in stem cell field, into clinical phase of development for initial evaluation in patients.