Payment, Contracts andRegistration in Oocyte and SpermDonation

Omani Samani R* *, Merghati S.T ,


Today many children are born by ART and also a part of them by egg, sperm and embryo donation or surrogacy. There is a need for some guidelines to outline these children’s rights and prevent future problem. These guidelines can not be totally universal because of cultural, religious and ethnical differences. As one of the most important part of donation and surrogacy is payment, which brings other problems and questions like: Abstract of the 8th Royan International Twin Congress, Tehran, Iran, 5-7 September 2007 Yakhteh Medical Journal, Vol 9, Sup 1, Summer 2007 39 human dignity, advertisement, contracts, registration, law and human rights. Here we discussed the payment, contract and registration upon years of experience in kidney transplantation from living donor in Iran, which had faced similar problem and solved a large part of them. Here are our results: 1) nobody can sell their body’s part and it is against human dignity, so, all of these procedures should be called donation. 2) the payment should be considered as compensation of the donor for their time, drug usage, operation, lab tests… 3) as there is no business on human parts, there can not be a contract on donation, but a contract on compensation is OK. 4) governmental law can not make anyone to donate their body cells, but registration committee can prevent repeat of any contract cancellation by not accepting a donor who had cancelled a contract before. 5) a governmental registration center shall be established to register donors and recipients’ data and save them for preventing future complication, we insist on anonymity of the donors and keep the privacy of the files. 6) registration center should be responsible for contract, payment and data protection, that our suggestion is to design computer network enabling each town to have a registration center. 7) there shall be a governmental law to prevent any advertisement or need notice on the walls of the centers or in newspapers and magazines.