Past Issue

Volume 19, Number 4, Jan-Mar(Winter) 2018, Serial Number: 76, Pages: 552-558

Determination of The Properties of Rat Brain Thermostable Protein Complex which Inhibit Cell Proliferation

Diana Dzidziguri, D.Sc, 1, *, Irina Modebadze, Ph.D, 1, Ekaterine Bakuradze, Ph.D, 1, Giorgi Mosidze, M.Sc, 1, Manana Berulava, Ph.D, 1, 2,
Department of Biology, Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences, Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Healthcare, Sokhumi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
*Corresponding Address: P.O. BOX: 0128 3. Chavchavadze Av. Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences Iv. Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University Tbilisi Georgia



Cell proliferation is known to be controlled by many networks of regulatory proteins. These multiple and complicated mechanisms of control are still being investigated. The aim of the present study is to determine the different properties of adult rat brain thermostable protein complex (TPC) which affect cell proliferation.

Materials and Methods

This experimental study used brain, kidney and liver tissue from adult (150-170 g) and adolescent (7, 10, 21, 28 days) white rats, adult pigeons and mice. Brain TPC was isolated by alcohol extraction, and primary antibodies Ki67 and GAD65/67 were used for immunohistochemistry, evaluation of transcriptional activity of the tissues and determination of the mitotic index.


The results show that brain TPC from rats reversibly decreases cell proliferation by inhibiting transcription. The evidence suggests that TPC is not species-specific, but expresses tissue specificity with regards to terminally differentiated cells. Rat brain TPC inhibits mitotic activity of the progenitor cells in the dentate gyrus of adolescent rats, and corresponding with this decrease in the mitotic index the number of Ki67 positive cells increases. Simultaneously, the number of GAD65/67-positive cells in the hippocampus decreases by approximately threefold.


These results indicate that rat brain TPC causes the reversible suppression of cell proliferation through the inhibition of transcription. Inhibitory effects of rat brain TPC leads to an increase the number of cells in the cell cycle, in tissues of adolescent rats.