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Volume 21, Number 2, Jul-Sep (Summer) 2019 , Serial Number: 82 Pages:

Effectiveness of Plasmocure™ to eliminate mycoplasma species from contaminated cell cultures: A comparative study versus other antibiotics

Mycoplasmas are among major contaminants of eukaryote cell cultures.They cause a wide range of cell culture troubles in either biology research centers or biotechnological companies. Mycoplasmas are also resistant to many of the antibiotics which are commonly used in cell cultures. Plasmocin™ has been successfully used to treat the cell lines infected by mycoplasma. In some cases, Plasmocin™-resistant strains have been reported. InvivoGen has developed a new anti-mycoplasma agent called Plasmocure™ (Alternative Mycoplasma Removal Agent) in order to eliminate resistant mycoplasma contamination.
Materials and methods
In this study, a total of 100 different mammalian cell lines contaminated with different mycoplasma species were evaluated by microbiological culture (as the gold standard method) , indirect DNA fluorochrome staining , enzymatic (mycoalert®) , and universal or species-specific PCR detection methods. This study included 100 different animal and human cell lines available in National Cell Bank of Iran were treated with Plasmocure™. The treatment efficacy and cell cytotoxicity of Plasmocure™ was compared with commonly used antibiotics such as BM-cyclin, Plasmocin™, MycoRAZOR™, Sparfloxacin (Zagam®) and Enrofloxacin (Baytril®).
Plasmocure™ includes two antibiotics that act through various mechanisms of relative to the function of Plasmocin™. Two weeks treatment with Plasmocure™ is enough to kill completely mycoplasmas. A moderate toxicity can be observed during mycoplasma treatment with plasmocure™, But after mycoplasma is removed, cell recovery is completely expected. Mycoplasma infections were eliminated by Plasmocure™, BM-cyclin, Plasmocin™, MycoRAZOR™, Sparfloxacin and Enrofloxacin. However, the outcome of the treatment process, i.e., the frequency of complete cure, regrowth or cell death was variable for different antibiotics.
The highest frequency of cured cell lines was achieved by using Plasmocure™ which also had the lowest regrowth rate after a period of four months. As a conclusion; we can suggest Plasmocure™ as an effective antibiotic to treat mycoplasma infections in mammalian cell cultures especially for precious or vulnerable cells.