Inhibitory effect of HASPIN inhibitor CHR-6494 on pancreatic cancer cell BxPC-3-Luc (Pages: )

Hiromitsu Tanaka *, Hisayo Nishida-Fukuda , Morimasa Wada , Keizo Tokuhiro , Hiroaki Matsushita , Yukio Ando ,


HASPIN acts in chromosome segregation via histone phosphorylation. Recently, HASPIN inhibitors have been shown to suppress the growth of various cancer cells. Pancreatic cancer has no symptoms in its early stages and may progress before it is discovered, so the 5-year survival rate is low. Here, we report that the administration of the HASPIN inhibitor CHR-6494 to mice bearing pancreatic BxPC-3-Luc cancer cells significantly suppressed the growth of BxPC-3-Luc cells. CHR-6494 might be a useful agent for treating pancreatic cancer. X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X