Reviewing Steps:

The following email will be sent to the reviewer in order to decide whether to accept reviewing or not (The reviewing answer should be sent till deadline).


Note: If you want to withdraw the manuscript, you must click on I reject to review this manuscript and it will remove from your dashboard.

If you accept reviewing the manuscript (by click on I accept to review this manuscript), you will be received an automatic email.

Also, this page will appear which is contains the manuscript files and information:


Please insert your comments in comments to author box and also set your decision by choosing a field from drop­down list.

Please click on Send to Editor button to submit your reviewing.  If you want to complete review form in future click on the Draft button.

It’s necessary to mention that this link is just used for your first login. and it’s not work in next time, so you must log in to the journal website ( by click on the Login from reviewers menu to have access to all manuscript files and also review form.



In Review:

Please click on the Action button to see all manuscript files and also review form.


Last Review:

If you want to have access to all your last reviews and also review certificates, choose  Last Review menu then click 

Get Reviewer Certificate button in order to download it.


Note: If the time of review is over please inform us to extend the time.